Newsletter Date:  Summer2008 Jamadi-ul Aakhir 1429
Volume 1, Issue 1

Al-Zahra Foundation, the first ever Nottingham Based organisation of Momenien was established in 2005, by the grace of Almighty ALLAH and the joint efforts of our Momenien brothers. In November, 2007 Al-Zahra Foundation became registered charity body under the law of United Kingdom.

Al-Zahra Foundation was established with aims to organise all Momenien of Nottingham under one platform. AL-Zehra exists to enhance social and religious excellence of Islamic Shia communities in Nottingham. The Foundation serves a critical function for the Community of Nottingham by providing a place where Muslims can confidently fulfill their Islamic requirements and to celebrate all events related to Pious Family of Prophet Mohammad (S. A .W).

It has served the Shia community in particular and has helped to build bridges of understanding of the belief and the real Islamic faith. Since the establishment of Al-Zahra, it has provided a base to our community to celebrate different religious and social events like Ayyam-e-Aza, Eid and birth and death anniversaries of Massomeens.

As a registered charity organisation, we organise events at local and regional level to improve the understanding of the actual Muslim beliefs & practices to follow Taqwa, Islamic teachings, Islamic information and Islamic knowledge.

This includes running weekly Lecture at the Centre. At present our Scholar Moulana Mirza Mohammed Abbas Raza  conducts the weekly teaching sessions, previously Moulana Abuzar Mehdavi, Agha Mujtaba and Musharaf Hussaini have served the foundation for Islamic teaching. The foundation represents over eleven different nationals form United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, India, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Afro-Caribbean and Afghanistan.

Our doors are open to all, irrespective of individual belief, and we are always encouraging people to come forward and seek actual Islamic learning.

Role of the Foundation

  • Encourage, promote and nurture our communities to alleviate human suffering throughout the world

  • Promote and encourage innovative intra-faith and inter-faith relationships at local and national levels

  • Develop and nurture relationships with our Marja'iat, and world and regional Islamic Shia bodies.

  • Provide support on issues affecting Islamic Shia Ithna-asheri communities.

  • Establish and/or support Islamic institutes of higher learning that can respond to the needs of our  communities.


According to Bukhari, The Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) had declared that: "Fatimah is a part of my body:  one who annoys her, will annoy me".

Surah Al-Kauther

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent,
the Merciful. Lo! We have given thee
Abundance; So pray unto thy Lord,
and sacrifice. Lo! it is thy insulter
(and not thou), who is without posterity.
The Holy Quran (33:33) Allah's wish is but to remove uncleanness far from you,
O Folk of the Household, and cleanse you with a thorough cleansing

Article of the Month By Allama Mirza Mohammed Abbas Raza

The Greatness of the Parents of Fatima (s)

Salah ibn Sahl reports from Imam Sadiq (a) that some people from Quraish asked the Prophet: “why you have been given the precedence over the other prophets although you have been mab’uth (nominated) after them”. Then the Prophet replied: “ I was the first one to bring iman upon Allah when Allah enquire – as mentioned in the Qur’an – am I not your Lord then I was the first one to say “yes”(Majlisi, 1398, Vol. 16, P.353).

In relation to the mother of Hazrath Fatima (s) we find a report from Imam Musa ibn Ja’far that the Prophet of Allah have said “Allah has chosen Maryam, Asiyah Khadija and Fatima to be the best Four amongst all women”. Then in another tradition when Prophet went on ma’raj Allah said: “I have a hajah and that is (Oh Muhammad) that you give my Salams to Khadija” (Majlisi, 1398, Vol 16, P. 7). This portrays the unique aspect of Hazrath Khadija that Allah on ma’raj remembers her and not only remembers her but sends special salutation to her.
Some Unique aspects of the

Existence of Fatima (s)

It has been reported that the Prophet and Hazrath Khadijah fasted forty days and were heavily involve in worship of Allah prior to the birth of Fatima (s). After their heavy involvement the Prophet was called onto ma’raj and after the discourse of Allah, Jibra’il (a) offer the Prophet an apple and says “this is for you (Oh Muhammad) eat it” and the prophet cut opens the apple and nur busted out from the apple and Jibra’il said “do not be afraid this is the nur of mansura on the heaven and will be named Fatima on earth” (Majlisi, 1398, Vol. 43, P. 4). Apparently certain tradition talk about dates being offered to the prophet, however they do not contradict the above tradition as the possibility of variety of fruits being offered by Allah to the Prophet exist.

The Pregnancy of Khadija (s) and the Birth of Fatima (s)

Once the Prophet enters his house and hears Khadija speaking to someone and he enquires who she was speaking to? Hazrath Khadija replies “that was Fatima and she speaks to me from the womb and asks me to be patient” (Majlisi, 1398, Vol. 43, P. 2). Later the Imam Sadiq (a) also confirms this report and says “she had this hala (state) till her birth”.
On the day of the birth Hazrath Khadijah was quite sorrowful as she had no helper and was worried how she will manage the suffering of birth of her child as she had no helper and assistance. Then, she reports all of a sudden four ladies entered her house and said: “do not be afraid and sad we have come to assist you and help you from your Lord and we are your sisters” and they introduce themselves “I am Sara, this is Asiyah daughter of Mazaham, Maryam daughter of Imran and this is Kulthum sister of Musa ibn Imran (Majlisi, 1398, Vol. 43, P.2). Later Imam Sadiq (a) reports this is how Hazrath Fatima was born.
The question arises whether these ladies appeared to her in a spiritual form or on a material realm. It seems they were on a barzaqi form and the level of Hazrath Khadija was so high that she was able to witness them and their assistance from Allah.

Autobiography of Moulana

Name: Mirza Mohammed Abbas Raza
Qualification: A.S at Evergreen Valley College San Jose CA. USA, B.S in Islamic Studies Qum, Iran, Studied till the level Kharij Qum, Iran and M.A in Islamic Studies, University of Birmingham.
Experience: Imam Jumma and Jammat of KSIMC of Birmingham, Instructor at Al-Mahdi Institute for variety of subjects.
Publication: Sufism and Shi’aism, Articles for the Islamic reference series on ‘Divine Justice (‘adl)’, ‘The Inimitability of the Qur’an’ and translated a contemporary Shi’ite text in theology; ‘Theological Instruction’ of Ayatullah Misbah Yazdi.  
Contact telephone: 07958058656.

Short but vital:

  • Al-Zahra foundation is actively seeking a new, better and bigger place to move and carry on it’s activities. If you can help us socially, financially or with your intellect you are more than welcome.

  • We are proud to announce that the Al-Zahra foundation website has been launched and has started working, thanks to God. 
    The address is :

  • We urge you to please participate in every event and activity to make Al-Zehra foundation successful and enable us to achieve our goals.

  • We beg you to keep yourself up to date of Momineen sufferings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine and Pakistan specially (Parachinaar). There was a horrible news that 23 Momineen were beheaded in last few days in Parachinaar.

  • Please don’t forget to recite Sura-e-Fatiha for all Marhoomeen Momineen and Mominat, Shuhada and Ulema.

Activities of Al-Zahra Foundation

Regular programs:

Friday………Jumma Prayer
Satarday……Quran Recitation
Sunday……..Sunday dissemination lectures of Islam

Al-Zahra Foundation, Former Edna G Olds Nursery, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 2ET
Phone: 07920016786 (Imran)

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